No, not the art movement, rather the Ultraman villain, Dada, who is one of 11 cards that you can grab at the Famima Festa (Family Mart Festival).

This is the entire lineup, including special guest, Mirror Man.

So far, Zoffy is the only other card I've wrangled.

By spending 700 yen, you can get one of these cards for yourself and there is an opportunity to win one of a ton of prizes.

These are a few of the promo posters for the Festa.

There are a couple of TV ads as well, such as this one from a few days ago, which features a hapless interviewer conversing with a few baddies waiting idly outside the Conbini.

This one was released yesterday.

I'll keep you posted, should there be further ones.

REVISED: a new one.

ReRevised: Several more of these can be found here.

The only item for sale of note are these two Nikuman (steamed buns filled with meat). One is a Baltan-man, stuffed with pork.

The yummier of the two is the Ultra-man, stuffed with minced meat.

Family Mart isn't the only marketer for Ultra-goods. Nissan is in on the deal as well with some cool looking vehicles. Click that link to see the cars. I can't copy the pics. Or watch this...

And of course, a true Ultra-promo would be remiss if they didn't have a Battle Card Game. Click to see the goodies, or watch this. (I'd suggest you turn down the volume first. It blares!)

All of the above is for the purpose of flogging tickets for the upcoming Ultraman X: the Movie..

It's over two months away so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of new promos...

That's a helluva lot of Ultramen!

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