Happy Kongday!

Happy Birthday to the original King of Kings, Kong! His movie debuted way back and 1933 and has yet to be toppled as my favourite movie of all time. If you wish to dig back in the archives of King Kong in this very blog, you can do so by clicking that link or the label below. One of those entries has had over 1500 hits! See if you can guess which one.

Without rummaging through boxes and just looking around my desk, I discovered a couple of few items of note.

I bought this photo about 35 years ago from a dealer in Toronto. It was only $4.00 way back then and it claims to be a true movie still from the original movie. Even if it isn't, it's still a wonderful photograph!

Other than that, I don't have any Kong per se, though I do have some giant gorillas hanging around. This is Giant Gorilla about to pummel Pepsiman with a boulder (I assume they couldn't use the term "King Kong" for copyright reasons.)

This Gorilla is hanging from a few wires plugged into my PC.

This Ichiban-kuji Drangonball Z Oozaru figure was a lucky win from a year ago. (Click that link for an out-of-package pic.)

And finally is this giant gorilla head that I used years ago as part of a Halloween caveman costume. Cute, eh!

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