The Torch Be Yours To Hold It High.

In the past on 11/11, I usually post something about Pocky Day (the long chocolate covered pretzel sticks look like the number one), but this year I haven't made any Pocky purchases lately. (Click the Pocky label and go to 11/11 to see previous posts over the years.)

Instead because today is also Remembrance Day, I'll go that route instead. One person that I'll never forget is Leonard Cohen who passed away today. Here he is reading "In Flanders Field":

"Hallelujah" is an amazing tune that has been covered by almost everyone and my friend Yvonne does a kick ass version of it at karaoke.

We really need some actual "Democracy coming to the USA" these days.

Speaking of the USA, I've had my Grade 6 students prepare little presentations about different countries using the phrases, "I want to see...I want to eat...,etc." Most of them look something like this.

Yet wait a sec, when I looked at this poster last week, these characters in the lower left corner weren't there.
One of the lads drew in portraits of Obama, Hillary and Trump. The message in the word balloon from Trump is 暴言です (Bougen desu) which means "Reckless or Rash Words". Rather fitting, I must say.

On a more pleasant note, another group spoke of Canada including a famous Canadian landmark.

The house of Mister Michael. Not a bad likeness, I must say.

RIP Mr. Cohen and Happy Pocky or Poppy Day to everyone.

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