Ghostbusters Too.

I'm a little late to the Countdown to Halloween 2016 for two four days have passed since then (Stupid Head Cold) Regardless, I'll do my best to wrap up my entry, for all the other participants, check that link. (Addendum: another delay when my computer decided to die last night. Fortunately it has resurrected.)

I tried to add a little something about Ghostbusters with every entry I made this month and I almost made it. Today's entry is the Movie Pamphlet for Ghostbusters 2.

Not as good as the first (sequels rarely are), it was still a fun little romp into the supernatural.

I've never seen this in any other of my pamphlets, yet this one uses yellow newsprint for many of the images. I kind of like it.

The cast. More of the same with a bigger role for Rick Moranis.

My selfies are courtesy of a kids party we had on Sunday. I went through about a dozen costume changes throughout the day. We were in charge of the "Haunted Maze" and I howled thanks to my werewolf mask. Alas by the time the kids got to me, they were already petrified from the previous haunters who leapt out from behind a door. Oooh, scary! Of the last batch of 25 kids, I only saw 5, the rest refused to enter!

I started off with a kawaii Pluto just to set the kids at ease.

Pluto decided to get a bit randy with the wolf though.

I broke out my Cthulhu just to freak out a few more.

This one as well was used for its freaking out capability.

As for a Halloween snack, I wandered into McDs on Saturday just so I could try the Orange pumpkin chocolate French Fries.

I'd previously had the purple but it looks pretty gross. They probably started another colour just to pull in more customers.

I am no longer a fan of these fries yet this batch was better than before.

That's it. Halloween is over for another year though it never really ends on this blog of mine...

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