Happy Godzilla Day!

Now that Halloween is mostly over, I can get back to important stuff such as acknowledging Godzilla's birthday. He was created 62 years ago and to celebrate, here are some magnificent magnets.

This Gojira is separated into several body parts so when you stick him up on your fridge, it looks like he's bursting through it.

Same deal with Mech-Godzilla (sic) and Gghidora (sic) below. I can't say I totally approve of their spelling.

This magnet comes in two halves so I suppose it'd make a good bookmark.

Mothra is also bisected.

It took me about eight tries to get the entire set. I was getting frustrated because of a few doubles and then, by chance, the machine jammed and I couldn't get the toy out. I called over a staff member and she couldn't fix it nor get my money back. Fortunately, she let me pick the Gatcha-capsule I desired and I was able to complete the set.

I have another 9/10 of a new Gatcha set that I need to take pictures of and that can wait until tomorrow.

There's an event happening in the USofA in a few days; did  you know there is an election going on? This picture shows the only logical candidate possible. Now get out there and vote!

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