Happy Black Friday Eve!

Since I'm not American, Thanksgiving in November means nothing to me (except for Labour-Thanksgiving Day which was a holiday in Japan yesterday). Regardless, here are a few items that I'm thankful for.

While everyone else is chowing down on their turkey, I chose some Godzilla Curry for my meal. Unlike most curry in Japan, it has a bit of a kick to it.

A while back, I discovered this rubber strap and though it was 650 yen, I had to at least get one. Not too shabby.

Here are the rest of the collection. I think I'll wait and see if I can find them used.

Speaking of used goods, I was playing host to a quartet of Canucks and showed them around all the nerdy sites of Sendai. Our final destination was the Book-off and they had an hour to kill before their Shinkansen, so I killed it with them. That gave me time to sift through all their goodies on the racks and I discovered something I'd never seen before. I don't know anything about them but these four Sporting Godzillas must have come out during Millennium and somehow flew in under my radar.

Soccer playing Gojira!

Baseball playing Godzilla!

Hipster Godzilla flashing a gang sign.

I am not certain what this pose is supposed to be. Perhaps Rodin's Thinker?

Speaking of Rodin, here is Rodan in flight with his eager passenger.

I also landed this little stuffed Shin-Godzilla. It wasn't cheap but I'd never seen it before and therefore it had to be mine.

As most of you have heard, we had a little quake on Tuesday with a tsunami warning in effect. Normally these get shrugged off yet ,this time, my schools kept the kids home and cancelled classes. There was no damage to my place apart from this pair of books that fell next to my head while I slept. An omen?

One last thing that I am most thankful for is my apartments ability to stay sturdy during these shakeups. I usually measure a quake by the amount of toys that topple yet this one corner has remained unaffected no matter how severe the earth rumbles.
(Although the James Kirk over to the left is a recent addition. He has taken a dive a few times, he's such a drama queen.)

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