A Fistful of Fests.

Last weekend, there was a mini-fest, gathering together a few Canadians for a belated Sesquicentennial celebration! Lots of good food and Woohoo! Canadian beer!

A fellow Canucklehead. He's also Canadian (what gave him away?)

On the street corner, there was a warning for two-headed pandas.

Later on the street, we brought out the big guns, Fireworks! (I love the smell of gunpowder in the evening, it smells like victory!)


The video quality is less than pristine though the dialogue makes up for it.

The following day was Marine Day and returning from a wedding, I espied a gathering at Kotodai Koen. Because I was driving, I couldn't imbibe any of the dozens of booths selling wine samples, but I did get to eat some yummy French cuisine.

Speaking of French, the lass above warbled a pretty good French ditty.

 I wonder if this Tea(t) stand offers cafĂ© au lait?

Yesterday, en route to a Sayonara party for a couple of staff at Carl School, I encountered a Shrine in the middle of Ichibancho.

While snapping a photograph, I was accosted by one of the dudes in blue, who turned out to be one of the dads of one of the students at one of my schools. He convinced me to stick around and enjoy a free shot of sake that the guys below distributed after cracking the lid on the barrel.

I now assumed I was behind schedule, but this guy told me the time and assured me I was still early.

The other Festival I had fun attending was today's event at the aforementioned Carl School in Shiogama. I didn't get a chance to photograph some of the games going on, such as, Takoyaki Bingo or Shuffleboard though. I manned the lucky draw and gave the kiddies a chance at winning a prize. I just happened to contribute 80 prizes to the gala and all but a half dozen got snapped up. Here are the goodies in question.

Since I depleted some of my vast wealth of crap, I headed over to Mandai in Tagajo and won myself a new Darth figure! Woohoo!

Now that I'm ensconced in summer vacation, I'm sure I'll attend a few more festivities.

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