I was up north after a wedding last Saturday so I decided to drive an extra hour north to Kitakami and return to the Oni Museum. Not much had changed except for my phone/camera which had taken far superior photos than my previous visits. First some of the cool little statues with a cool background.


One thing I'd never photographed before were the paintings on the walls. First the quadriptychs.

Each of the above had a few more paintings above or below them. Some are rather grotesque.

I don't recall seeing much English in the captions in the past. Here is a bit about the Mexican Masks.

Cousin Itt looks badass!

What follows is a Namahage called the Suneka.

Some traditional costumes.

Creation of the kanji for Oni.

Some homemade masks.

If Anpanman were a demon.

These homemade masks are also pretty cool. I particularly like the Krampus!

A pretty good likeness.

Some GeGeGe Goodies:


Monkeys battling Namazu the Earthshaker!

Someday, I may pick up some of these badges.

See you again someday, Oni Museum!!

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