Happy Belated BirthRay!

I've been meaning to write this up since his birthday on June 29th, but life got in the way so Ray Harryhausen's tribute had to wait a few days. Ages ago, I landed these three box sets on sale (a New Years sale, so that's how long ago it was) and have been waiting for a good opportunity to show them off.

Box I includes the three Sinbad movies as well as the giant Cyclops from 7th Voyage.

It comes with a cool little pamphlet that's been translated into Japanese yet it is stilled jam-packed with goodies.

Man, I wish I had that comic adaptation.

Box II contains Jason and the Argonauts, Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and 20 Million Miles to Earth. The bonus creature is Ymir from the latter one.

Box III has four films including, The Three Worlds of Gulliver, It Came From Beneath the Sea, Jules Verne's Mysterious Island, and First Men in the Moon. I suppose none of the above feature a particularly notable creature for within is Kali from 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

These make wonderful companion pieces to my previously purchased box sets, Classic Monster DVD Limited Box One has The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and Them and includes a colossal ant from Them!

Box II has Valley of the Gwangi and The Black Scorpion and includes an Allosaurus.

The only other Harryhausen video I own is One Million Years B.C. Alas, it doesn't come with its own Raquel.

Summer vacation starts in about two weeks, I plan to do some Ray binging then...


Dirwin said...

Coolest box set ever! Envy you the binge. So does Al. Haven't listened to your rendition of Ca-na-da (I'm afraid). Happy 150.

Michael Jones said...

They are awesome box sets indeed.
If you never listen to my version of CaNaDa, you won't be missing much.


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