Pika-Choose a McFlurry.

Yesterday, I learned that there would be a new Pikachu McFlurry and vowed to try it today. So on my way home, I popped into a local  and ordered a Pikachu McFlurry. Full disclosure time: I have NEVER eaten a McFlurry of any flavour at anytime in my life. But the opportunity to have ground up Pikachu guts with ice cream was too appealing to let slide.

I got the smiley-faced one. I'd rather have the angry or sad one, to be honest but the gal at the counter assumed I need a smile.

Okay, what is the verdict? Imagine mixing up bananas, chocolate, and ice cream with eau de Pikachu and you'll get the idea. Seriously though, it was actually rather tasty and I'll probably eat another one some time in the future.

After my Pikachu parfait, I popped outside and snapped a picture of the banner.

Whoa, that is one creepy looking Ronald. I wonder why he's all alone.

By some wild coincidence, there is a new Happi Setto featuring Pikachu and other Pokemon pals.

I honestly cannot fathom why Pokemon is considered a "Boys' toy" and there needs to be a pink "Girls' toy" as well.

I grabbed two (don't worry, I ordered corn instead of fries).

I got a Houou Whistle. It'll come in handy should I ever be trapped under rubble and need to inform the rescue team that I'm still alive.

 And this is some kind of Ring Toss game that features a picture of Raikou, Entei and Suicune (whatever the hell those are!). I don't think I'll bother getting anymore of these.

Why is this happening now? It could be that it coincides with a new Pokemon Movie. Holy Crap! There's already been twenty of these!

Ah well, thanks for the snack but I think I'll wait until a better Happi Setto comes along...

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