Funky Funko!

I made the most amazing score last week. I POPped into Mandai on my way home from work and landed a Martian Vinyl Figure courtesy of Funko. Not just any Mars Attacks figure, this one just happens to be a Funko exclusive to the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) and limited to only 480 pieces. How this 2012 POP made its way to a Funky Otaku shop in Natori Japan is anyone's guess. Furthermore, why it was priced at only 1800 yen (about 20 bucks) is a complete mystery considering it sells on ebay anywhere from 230-500$! You can get your own for only 493.90$!

Even though it does glow in the dark, I think I'll keep it in its packaging for now. I don't think I own any other 500$ figures! Besides, I already have a Martian BobbleHead to keep me happy.

At a different Mandai, I managed to snag a Martian Leader for only 300 yen. Not a bad week for Mars Attacks!

I'll round out today's post with a look at the 2014 calendar. It is mainly reproductions of a dozen of the original cards. Only three used cards from the original 1962 series will cost you almost 50 bucks.

I wonder when the next time will be to land some Mars Attacks goodies...

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