Best Surprise Birthday Ever!

It was the last day before Winter Break at one of my schools today. Much to my surprise, the Grade Sixers sequestered me into the music room and sang, "Happy Birthday" to me!

And they presented two hand-written cards to me.

The Grade Fivers also sang HB to me.

After the lessons, Japanese Language Teacher at this school (who was sadly absent today) left a present for me.

R2-D2 had a couple of cookies and C-3PO has a few chocolates. (*BB-8 will have to wait.)

Her hubby even gave me a prezzie. Not really surprising since I'd heard he was a Star Wars fans and have given him a few gifts in the past.

It's a Stormtrooper bottle cap magnet!

At my afternoon school, my least participatory class of kids even decided to pay attention and learned Rudolph the RNR. While at that school, I received a message from a friend. Much to my delight, she had a ticket to the advanced screening of Star Wars The Last Jedi and couldn't use it herself. 
(*This is where the BB-8 tin went to. Don't tell Yvonne that she received a regift!)

So I sat in the second row of a sold-out viewing surrounded by Star Wars geeks, otaku and nerds. I felt vindicated. In the first row was a very very tall Chewbacca though, fortunately, he didn't sit in front of me.

Chewie gets all the babes.

Emo Phasma.

I don't think Po recognized the gang sign I flashed at him.

The Cinema shop was packed after the movie though I did manage to nab a few items from the concession stand beforehand. Such as this BB-8 Popcorn container.

And this Stormtrooper drink.

Most amazing of all is that the cinema gave everyone at the advanced screening a poster of the movie. But not just this movie, every single poster since 1977! (Except Rogue One, darn.)

Happy Birthday to me!!

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