Okay, this will be the last Santa post of the year for soon, it shall be Christmas Day and thus my birthday begins. Here are the latest Santa hijinx that he got up to. (Whenever I speak of Santa, I like to do it in the third person. I think Clark Kent set up that precedent.)

My annual gig at Royal Park Hotel went well as always. Here are a few highlights from yesterday and today.

This was my assistant of the evening (though truth be told, I was more like her assistant.)

Getting ready.

Before the kiddies show up. Not yet haggard.

A fellow Santa getting jiggy.

Here are the three wise men. Can you guess which one is me?

I only got two letters to Santa this year, though one young lass drew a couple of pics of me. Not a bad likeness.


This was my staff of photographers. They each got a Mikan-KitKat.

On Saturday evening, I popped in to Ernies to say hi to the gang.

Ernie treated me to a bottle of bubbly as a birthday present. Too bad I was driving and couldn't drink any, but it's the thought that counts. I treated his patrons to some KitKats.

And I ended the evening at Title and gave Suu a droid.

On my way back from the hotel, I popped into Mandai hoping to find a birthday gift for myself. I didn't find one yet had the foresight of bringing my Santa hat to adorn Gamera.

Merry Kaijumas!
ps. Happy Birthday to me!!

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