Santa, So Far...

Last Friday was the annual Japan/Canada Christmas Party hosted by Tohoku Denki. This time around, the entertainment included a Balloon-maker. I didn't have much opportunity to watch her make her creations though I snapped a few pics of them later.

Wow, it's a snowman!

Santa's evil doppelgänger, the villainous Black Santa who steals the toys from kids, certainly makes his job more difficult.

Yet on this evening, they put their differences aside and worked together to give out prezzies to the young and old.

Speaking of presents, I received a lovely ceramic ornament that will not be regifted, no way, no how.

The following day, Santa spent all day at a Day Care centre doling out gifts to a couple of hundred kiddies. It wasn't too grueling, the biggest hardship was preventing the snot-nosed kids from infecting St. Nick. Fortunately, Santa had the pleasure of this lovely lass's company throughout the day.

And today, Santa again got to rear his bearded head at yet another Christmas Party. This time celebrating the 24th annual Carl Eikaiwa shindig.

Whoa, who is that Rastafarian reveler in the background?

I scammed one of the presents that all the kids got. These stickers are cheesy yet I rather like them and I now own my first fidget-spinner.

And a coke spoon!

More Santafying next week.

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