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I watched Justice League again yesterday and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I saw it. While watching the scenes with Steppenwolf and the Parademons, I had a flashback to buying the Super Powers figures over thirty years ago. My bestest bud at the time was Ed (nicknamed Edge, click the label for more Edgy fun) and I recall buying a few of these with him at the Silver Snail.

Sadly, the movie didn't keep the above designs and opted for a grittier look. Edge would have been 61 today and had he not snuffed it from liver cancer over 25 years ago, he would have loved to have seen so many of our favourite super heroes make it to the big screen.

When I first wrote of the movie (linked above), I promised to show off some more JL goodies. I shall now fulfill that vow. First up, there is a Kuji draw going on right now even though I've only seen them for sale at one theatre so far. I'm not overly impressed with the top prizes (Pillows! Sheesh, I have enough pillows!)

Other prizes include Mugs, Glasses and Hand-Towels. I've only tried four times and have so far won two hand-towels and two glasses.

Fortunately, I got my choice of towels.

The glasses are randomized. I'm not disappointed with my haul.

Two weeks ago after watching the flick, I popped into the UFO Catcher and proceeded to spend a lot of time and coin at winning a big Batman.

It has the trademarked Affleck chin.

I also landed a Harley Quinn.

And yesterday, I won her bat. It is supposed to be a sponge bat so I could bonk people upon the head with it. Unfortunately, it is a very hard sponge and would cause some brain damage if hit hard enough.

There is also a set of Minis out there though I've only seen them for sale at one location.

I do like the smirk on WW.

These Putitto Series of mini figures that hang on a glass are rather expensive so I only bought the one. I bought the Black Panther long ago and it was cheaper that WW.

One of my roving reporters brought me a Kinder Surprise from Jolly ol' England.

You get three eggs and wow are the other prizes ever lame!

Some kind of wrist-band thingie and a finger-ring bug, which admittedly is rather cute.

But Woohoo! I got the Joker!

There is some kind of Puzzle/Dragons contest going on right now.

Pepsi has some specially designed cans though I have yet to find them in the supermarket.

I could also win some headphones. If only I could figure out how.

The latest issue of PEN magazine is devoted entirely to DC Comics. I leafed through it today. Pretty good stuff!

I'll let you know if I come across any other DC Goodies...

ps. Quiz: How does today's blog-post title relate to its content?

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