Wakanda Fool Am I?

It's breaking all kind of records in North America and on Thursday, we fans in Japan will also get to see what the hype is all about. Fortunately, some goods have come out prematurely so I can show them off to you now.
This is a Double-Clear File with pockets.

A boring old single Clear File.

This one has a nifty insert page within that looks cool but is tough to photograph.

A couple of stickers.

And a set of four note pads. I think I'll give these out to my graduating classes in a few weeks.

When at the Cinema, I had the opportunity to Cosplay as one of the few white characters in the movie.

This is what the backdrop looks like without the chubby guy.

The cinema mag has a little write-up of the movie.

As you can see from the above photo, Momota Kanako of Momoiro Clover Z portrays the voice of one of the leads.

Credit where credit is due department, today's blog title was scammed from this mash-up page.

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