Different Strokes for Different Folks.

I thought I'd written about this place before yet I can't seem to find any evidence of doing so in this blog o' mine. I trekked out to Kitakami with pal, Dan (the Man) in tow and explored a bit more of the Michinoku Folklore Village this time around.

First up, we went to a former residence of the Kanno family and within there is a bundled up babe.

I didn't take too many photos here but here's a loom room.

Saw some wildlife, a butterfly fluttered by.

After this room, we entered the Kitakami City Museum (the village itself is free admission, this Museum will set you back 500 yen.)

I like these two little mascots.

These bronze Dragon Heads used to adorn a flag were my personal highlight.

I don't think I was supposed to photograph the following, please don't tell anyone.

No idea what this is all about.

Bowls and plates. Purty.

Some Doll Festival Ningyou.

The detail in these dioramas is delightful.

Finally a cool head.

Dan espied a hebi, much to my surprise and pleasure.

It slithered down a crack in the pavement to its lair.

Elsewhere, in the village, one can find a Pit House with a dank interior.

Within the former high school is housed the Fire Department Materials Museum with several vintage trucks and pumps.

I missed this last time, on the second floor are some rather creepy things.

One of the other former residences housed Yuki-chan the goat!

As I was snapping a pic of a flower, Dan observed, "It's sweet that you still take photos of flowers to send to your mom." He's right, I know not why I snap 'em, I just do.

Finally on the way out, is this guy guarding the entrance to the village. I don't know who he is, but he's cute.

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