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On Saturday, I attended the premiere of the Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition but didn't have time to complete my shopping at the first floor store. I corrected that yesterday and landed a couple of cool postcards.

The above is one of my all-time favourite covers and though it was available in poster-size, I opted for a postcard.

I also scored a postcard and a Clear File of Gurihara's Avengers.

Speaking of Clear Files, I bought an early appearance of Rocket Raccoon.

And one of this iconic Spider-Man cover. I like how they aged it to give it the feel of being almost 50 years old.

This is a reproduction of the Exhibition's poster. Can you name them all?

I decided to nab a Thanos and Ant-Man while I was there, just in case they sell out.

Finally, I splurged and bought a pair of boxers. The large-size is a tad snug but still manages to keep everything in its place.

Last Friday, I caught the premiere of Jurassic World and bought another Clear File, a lovely T-Rex.

 This is the reverse.

There was a Kuji Draw for Dino items but the A-Prize had already been snagged. I landed a C-Prize.

A cool little plate. Unfortunately, at 800 yen a pop, it's not worth trying for more.

Over the last few weeks, I've gathered up a few of these free sticker sheets from the cinema. My students will appreciate my efforts.


Speaking of stickers, Incredible Family has a sheet. Once again, Japan has to wait a few months to see this movie! I hope they show it in English in Sendai!


I hope to go to the Science Museum shortly to check this out:

This follow up is to a Solo post of a few weeks back. Much to no one's surprise, I bought a few Clear Files (one can never have too many of these).

These TsumTsums were half-price! I couldn't resist.

I didn't want to try for them all, yet I must say, I'm not disappointed with my acquisition.

I bought the only five Mystery Minis and though I didn't get the rare Han, I have to admit that I got a nice mix.

That's it for now...

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