Jurassic Whirled.

Finally, the new Dino-movie, Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom is being released in Japan. I'm going to go to the 9:00 show in IMAX tonight if anyone reads this in time to join me.

Over the last few weeks, there have been very little merchandising available though I've managed to snag a few items. For example, Doritos has two styles of nachos for sale.

There's a little blurb on the back of the TACOS package about the T-Rex.

This yellow pack of NACHO CHEESE came out a week later.

It features the Baronyx which I have to admit, I've never heard of. Fortunately there is no card or sticker that comes with the snack, otherwise I'd buy a ton of these.

At the Aeon Cinema, there are a few items for sale prematurely. It should come as no surprise that I picked up a couple of Clear Files.

It was sweaty that day, so I also bought a hand towel.

If I could locate it right now, I'd wear my Jurassic T-shirt which I bought at GU a few weeks ago and was saving for today. Doh! I am wearing my Dino-socks though!

There are a few items at UFO Catcher, but mainly just generic dinosaurs, nothing specific to JW.

I got this little guy. I like it a lot. I won it on my first try!

Unfortunately, a second one was more elusive.

I tried for a Mosasaur but soon gave up.

So far, this is the only Gatcha-character I've seen.

 I just got one.

I gotta get going or I'll miss my movie. I hope there aren't too many new goods, I'll go broke!

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