Mayday Musical Madness.

I have been so neglectful of this here blog of late. What with finding work, working at work and relaxing after working at work, I've been too busy to add to this here wacky blog. But as an introductory photo, here is a lovely picture of Shiogama taken at the peak of Hanami-season.

To make up for it, I'm going to add a few snippetts from several events over the last several weeks. Starting with a duet with Spiral. She performed at an after-party for Monkey Majik, though those simian fellows never did show up. Eri & I sang "Fly Me To The Moon" but since I've only ever sung that at Karaoke and she had memorized the lyrics, I had to remember the tune by reading her lips! All things considered, I think it turned out well.

The next evening after my work marathon, I attended an ex-girlfriend's wedding party and sang "Imagine". Imagine my surprise when everyone liked it!

Then there was last weekend's Echophonyk event, which was a fun affair, though I had to leave halfway through DJ Mokugohan's set in order to be slightly coherent for the following day's 9- hour teaching marathon. Here's a pic of a special guest DJ, Chubby Jolly Guy (not his real name) & Nori.

A new visitor to our little event is the Nubian goddess, Ayano and her friend.

I left at 3:00, my 2-hour long dance partner, the adorable Ayano (different from above) stayed much longer.

Speaking of dancing, we were treated to 3 different dance troupes, one of which was two gyrating high-school kids pole dancing without a pole. I'll let you guess who they were.

Next up: last Sunday, Alex & I attended the Pirate Charity Event and much to my chagrin, all he did was harp about how bad it was (in a cheesy way.) Personally I like my cheese particularly sharp and since he was amongst the youngest there, I consider him to be too much of a purist to appreciate them. Granted, I didn't think their performances were quite up to par either, but neither should they've been pooh-poohed all night!

There were three different comedy troupes, one named Humpty Dumpty, another was a wrestler clone and third was a duet exchanging barbs. It all seemed very "Drama club at High School", but the audience liked them a lot, I couldn't get a word of it!

This guy was an amazing acoustic guitar player and was later joined by a percussionist. Quite good and very tall!

I liked these guys much better last Christmas, the musicians were terrific, but the lead singer annoyingly abrasive.

These guys were fun though they were the major contributers to Alex's cheese-whiffing. I have to admit that I've heard better from them, they went for the 80s rock sound that went out of style 20 years ago. Furthermore, I can forgive the lead singer for needing cue cards to sing songs in English, but do you really need to scrutinize them to sing a song in Japanese? Especially when you expect the audience to know the lyrics and you don't. (Even more embarrassing is that the tune was Sayonara, a tune that even I have heard of!)

Afterwards, we popped into a Jazz joint that we'd never seen before and were surprised by a duet of a guitar & piano. I accompanied them by whistling Night & Day & Georgia. They play every Monday night at ADLIB (022-227-5137) and I'll go again!

More goodies to follow soon...

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