It's Easy Being Green.

Today is みどりの日 or Midori no hi/Green Day, the second day of Golden Week, so today, I'll show you a bunch of Green toys that I have hanging around. Such as this Gachapin Pillow.

Speaking of Gachapin, he's been a busy little creature, involved in sports, club activities and the daily grind of working.

I'm rather disappointed that I discovered these too late to get them all, but here are 3 of the sports figured offered when you buy new Lemon-flavoured Mitsuya Cider.

As you can see, I have only a baseball player, a basketball player and a 柔道/judo martial artist.

Other than the above sports, Gachapin attended different club activities in high school,

such as 1. 応援団部 or oendan a traditional cheering squad; 2. 音楽部 ongaku-bu or chorus club; 3. テニス部 tennis; 4. バレー部 volleyball; 5. ラグビー部 rugby; 6. 卓球部 takyu-bu or ping pong; 7. レスリング部 wrestling; 8. 野球部 or yakyu-bu which combines the kanji for field & ball to make baseball.

But everyone must grow up eventually and Gachapin must recall the good ol' days of his youth by his career choices.

1. The cheerer becomes an astronaut; 2. the chorister has been relegated to the drudgery of a Salaryman but recalls his glory days at night at Karaoke; 3. the tennis player becomes a carpenter; 4. the former volleyball server now serves his boss as a Salaryman; 5. the rugby player gets to carry on tackling criminals as a beat-cop; 6. the table tennis player now serves eggs instead of balls as a chef; 7. the wrestler becomes a politician (and we have a few pro-wrestlers in power now) and 8. baseball bunter now holds a hose instead of a bat as a fire-fighter.

As a special treat to my smoker friends, here is a midori anzen bunen or smokeless ashtray advertisement whose attitude of "Harmony with Smoking" is to entice people that smoking Green is the way to go.

To finish off for tonight, here's a Pocky-clone called Fran made from Green Tea au lait! I have a few more green goodies for you tomorrow, but now it's off to bed to dream of Gachapin!

As always, you can click on any of the pics to Monster-size them for a better view. I also encourage you to click on any of the lovely blue links above to learn more about Gachapin's hobbies...

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