It's a Living.

Tomorrow I officially start as a full-time employee. It's only a 3-month contract, but it's steady work and I won't be working at 3 or 4 different p/t jobs to acquire a paycheque. It's not my dream job and I have to follow their method, though the students are more intellectually stimulating than the bimbettes at the high school.

It could be worse, I might have had to follow in the footsteps of Ultraman and taken a more tedious job. Case in point, I could have become:

1. 通勤中 = tsuukin-chuu , a Daily Commuter.

2. 工事中 = kouji-chuu , a Construction Worker.

3. 建設中 = kensetsu-chuu , a Builder/Carpenter.

4. 運行中 = unkou-chuu , a Train Operator.

5. 配線中 = haisen-chuu , an Electrician.

6. 溶接中 = yousetsu-chuu , a Welder.

7. 誘導中 = yuudou-chuu , a Construction Traffic Supervisor.

8. サビース中 = sabisu-chuu , a Service Worker/Waiter.

9. 診察中 = shinsatsu-chuu , a Medical Examiner.

10. 配達中 = haitatsu-chuu , a Delivery Person.

One thing is for certain, after these crappy pics, I'll never be a photographer!

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