In Stitches.

I'm listening to the Stanley Cup Penguins vs. Red Wings so I thought it'd be a good time to show off some Polar-Stitch characters. (Forgive me if I don't get the character's names right. I'm no expert...)

Here we have Stitch as an parka-wearing Inuit.

Stitch as a Polar Bear. I wonder if he'll show up on Lost.

My favourite is this zombie/hoodoo doll of Lilo's in a Seal outfit.

Stitch's girlfriend(?) as a light-blue Penguin.

Finally, we have Stitch as a dark-blue Penguin.

Since I'm talking about Penguins, here are the latest results of the Sendai Hockey Pool with the picked-players still remaining in play.

Mike's Picks:
D. Sydor (Pittsburgh) (I managed to choose an injured or benched player!)

Andreas' Picks:
H. Zetterburg (Detroit)
TOTAL= 49*

Rob's Picks
M. Hossa (Pittsburgh)
TOTAL= 54*

Andy's Picks:
N. Lidstrom (Detroit)
S. Gonchar (Pittsburgh)
TOTAL= 64*
Alex's Picks:
S. Crosby (Pittsburgh)
B. Rafalski (Detroit)
Dave's Picks:
H Zetterburg (Detroit)
E. Malkin (Pittsburgh)
TOTAL= 82!!!
This ignorant Brit must have some crystal balls to have been so precognitive!

Bring on the Cup!

In the past, I've shown a distaste for Penguins, but for the record, I'd like to see Sid the Kid get a Cup.

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