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...is Golden Week! Today is 憲法記念日 (Constitution Memorial Day or Kenpo kinen-bi) and it officially kicks off a long weekend of 4 days (not quite a week this year since 2 of the holidays fall on the weekend.) So I've spent today reading all about the constitution of Japan. Well, more like tidying house and watching the tube all day.

I want to finish up my last musical post with some more goodies and then get to the important stuff. This freaky sculpture welcomes you to Macana as you enter the bowels of the club.

I went to a live Indie event there last Tuesday and saw several new groups, including a trio of young lasses called Kunoichi Panda who were very lively and the lead singer was quite good. (Click that link for a video of them.)

A truly horrendous punk group with a well-endowed shemale-looking lead who had a voice like Bea Arthur. Avoid Blue Night Bird at all costs!

A better punk band were Zig and I'd see them again if forced to.

The highlight was my old pals Blue III belting out in their inimitable style.

In his debut, former Ponytail, Kenta starred as their new drummer, Blue I!

Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting as Blue III wows us with his nunchukas and mingles with the masses. I'm going to try and get them to perform at a future Echophonyk.

Warning, this video is pretty loud, but his nunchucking is terrific:

The final singer was a real diva named Barb with a loud voice and a modicum of talent. I enjoyed her set, but I detect an inner craziness within her.

I took a night off and then on May 1st, I went to a reunion of my old high school, a Sayonara party for me and welcome party to my replacement. He may have larger feet than me, but he has bigger shoes to fill. I got to end my experience there with a horrid version of My Way. I will miss the students and some of the teachers, but I won't miss the headaches. New guy, Cort...good luck to ya!

I got pretty pissed and headed over to Shaft for a few more and hooked up with Blaise of Monkey Majik fame and chilled with he and his visiting brother, Geebose. If you're up to it, why not download his latest single at that link?

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