A: Did you ever see Saw?
B: As a kid.
A: How could you see Saw as a kid? It only came out a few years ago.
B: When I was younger, I would seesaw.
A: Of course you'd be younger a few years ago but what I want to know is if you did see Saw?
B: Yes, didn't you ever seesaw?
A: That's what I'm asking you! But, yes, I did see Saw the other day.
B: Was it fun?
A: Was it fun? It was bloody!
B: Bloody? You must have done it wrong!
A: Done it wrong? How can you see Saw wrong?
B: Now, you're beginning to seesaw.
A: What do you mean, beginning to seesaw? I did see Saw the other day.
B: I know, you already told me. I used to seesaw too.
A: Saw II! Why would you see Saw II if you never did see Saw?
B: Wait a minute, I did seesaw.
A: Oh, so you did see Saw? And you also did see Saw II?
B: Well, I used to seesaw but I never did see Saw nor did I see Saw II?
A: Now, I'm getting confused. You did seesaw, but you never did see Saw?
B: That's right! Why exactly are you asking if I did seesaw for?
A: I didn't ask you if you did see Saw IV, I was interested if you ever did see Saw!
B: That's what I told you! I did seesaw when I was younger but, anyway, I can't talk to you any longer because there's a movie coming on. You might enjoy it with me. Did you ever see Saw?

While we're on the topic of movies, I was rather impressed by this version of the classic routine.

A while ago, I posted another variation of the classic Abbott & Costello bit done by a couple of Animaniac characters. If you'd like to read along, this guy has printed the script. And that was ripped off of Harry Shearer, David Lander & Michael McKean in their days as The Credibility Gap and further ripped off from Tony Rosato & Eugene Levy of SCTV fame. As can be seen here...

It's time for shuteye, but before I retire, scroll down to the bottom of this link to see Johnny Carson's take on the sketch!

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