A Post Post.

I have a Net-pal who is a huge Oz fan, so I sent him a little package including an Oz book and a pamphlet advertising the new Oz movie. I don't want to show any photos now so it can remain a surprise for him. Got some cool Snake & Disney stamps for the envelope too!
Nice scribbling job, eh!

I also sent a package filled with Hulk paraphernalia to another Net-pal. In return, he's sending me a set of Mars Attacks cards! Woohoo! More Snake stamps!

I'm not just sending stuff though, today I actually received some stuff! My pal Hinnie who is a recent recipient of some Masking Tape sent me some goodies in appreciation. A Spider-Man mug and some Captain America socks! Yay!

She's a devious one though, she also ordered a pair of socks for herself, another tape and an incredibly cool Stay-puff man for her iPhone.

 Not a problem though, I forgot to send her some stickers last time and I recently acquired several new tapes for her as well. I can't wait to see what new loot I'll be getting in return!


Perogyo said...

I was all excited for an Oz movie until I realized that it wasn't going to be set in a prison. :)

Michael Jones said...

Good one!


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