Still catching up on zzzs so just a brief post tonight. While in Tokyo, I stumbled across a new KitKat that I haven't yet seen in my neck of the woods. Gran Wafer sounds as though it should be much larger but it is just this teeny thing made of a bitter chocolate and it was slightly stale.

In one of the Gas stands along the highway (I think it was Mito), there were some of those unique yet expensive boxes of KitKats. I saw a Cheesecake, something unknown and a Wasabi. Wasabi has been my Holy Grail. I first saw Wasabi-flavoured in a UFO-Catcher bin in one of those impossible to win scooping crane games. I just tasted it and I must say I was thoroughly disappointed.  Tasted like a Green Tea and had absolutely NO hotness whatsoever. Booo!

Sad to say that I may have to give up my KitKat-Kwest. I've already cut out all other sweets, so I think this may be my last KitKat. (Unless something else cool crops up, that is.)


Perogyo said...

Wasabi just sounds wrong! But I like chili peppers and chocolate so you never know!

Michael Jones said...

I should be spicier but ends up oh so bland.


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