Vital Vittles Via Vittel.

I popped into a local grocers today and lucked out with some goodies. I rarely go there and it rarely has premiums but there's an energy drink called Vittel and it offers 4 different Active Snoopy Magnets. Snoopy quaffing a Vittel, pumping barbells, bouncing on a balancing ball and riding a bicycle.

There's some kind of a contest in which you can  win Snoopy's brother, Olaf. If I can figure out how to do so, I shall attempt to win one for he's a beagle after my own heart.

I also bought a bottle of Rolling Gold which proclaims "The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world." It tastes a bit like ginger ale with a kick. I can get some SATISFACTION!

Tomorrow: my annual Oscar Prediction!

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