New Beginnings.

I had hoped to give a year-end review of my life, my blog, movies, etc but then yesterday while cooking I blew a fuse and my computer got fried. A colleague helped me install Windows 7 (from the archaic XP) and I now have a working computer again! Unfortunately all the photos that I'd saved have disappeared, as well as music, favourites, etc.etc.

I've uploaded some old ones from my phone so I'm going to take a trial run now and present them here.

This huge poster is in the lobby of the Movix Cinema that I attended yesterday. A rather OZpicious start to the New Year, isn't it?

I saw Frankenweenie for the third time except this time I saw it in 3D. The only way to see it in 3D is to see it in Japanese. I thought the dubbing was very well done, the lip synching was on cue and the younger audience seemed to enjoy it. My only quibble is that the three characters voiced by Martin Short and Andrea Martin were voiced by six different Japanese actors.

I also saw 妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem). It's based on an old anime, and I really need to track down that show.


(Note: I've run into an impasse and can no longer embed properly. It'll take me a while to figure it out again.)

I enjoyed it a lot (the only slow parts were with the humans) and the action, make-up and effects were magnificent. Even the kids were less annoying than most child actors!


While I was in the mall, I saw a dog waiting to be groomed. It was the most pathetic looking beast I've ever seen! Tongue askew and shivering, it was one frightened pup.

More New Year's Eve/Day news tomorrow.

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