Ozu, The Beginning Battle.

I still have three months to wait for Oz, The Great and Powerful or as it's known in Japan,
オズ はじまりの戦い or Oz, The Beginning Battle.

監督:サム・ライミ (Director: Samu Raimi)
(Actors: Jyamuzu Furanko, Misheru Uiriamzu, Reicheru Uizu, Mira Kunisu.)
The trailer makes mention of "Alice in Wonderland" (production?) and Sam Raimi's last big shit hit, "Spiderman 3".

At the above link you can find the website and if you click the News, you'll see that a handful of kids were given the Japanese translation of the original book from Santa Claus.

For some reason, I'm unable to figure out how to upload photos. Everytime Blogger improves, I get screwed. I wanted to show you this deck of magic cards but I can't figure out how to do so. I received two decks of cards when I picked up my advanced tickets to the flick. March 8th can't come too soon.

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