Momories (not mammaries) are memories I have of my mom, Edna May Jones, née Pepper. My mother passed away a year ago and I often think of her especially when I see a flower. I'll snap a picture of the flower and ponder, "my mother would like to see this." I'd like to hope that she does. I thought she'd passed on March 31st but I guess according to this, it was the 30th.

I have very few pictures of her (even fewer of my dad), perhaps they're in a stash somewhere, but I can't locate them tonight. Here is a snippet of snaps:

When I was in Grade 13, I was asked to direct the Christmas Pageant. My mother played one of the Three Wise Men (not sure which one) and pal Alex's dad was Joseph! I'll let you guess which one she is.

The gent in the middle is my father, the Father and his dutiful wife to his right. He was an Anglican Minister for most of his life and I believe these were taken at his retirement party around 1979. He moved on to work for the Social Planning Council and when he died a few years later, my mother had a healthy government pension to live off of. Had he departed while a Preacher, my mom would've been impoverished on that pension.
The other couple are the Whillans, Ken and Edna, good family friends of theirs. Ken went on to become Mayor of Brampton and drowned in 1990.

This is taken at my older brother's place in Toronto mother's place in Brampton with me in the beard, my younger brother, ma and my sister-in-law on the right. Probably mid-80s.

This would be sometime in the early 90s when my mom was into lawn bowling. Obviously there was some kind of party going on probably near Christmas (based on my mom's sweater.)

That's it! I may have more pictures tucked away somewhere, I'll have to search. I am disappointed that the website set up for her memorial is defunct. (Try this link and search for Edna May Jones in the Obits.) If I find some more, I'll share them. If you click around my blog, you may find pictures of her after her stroke, but that's not how I want to remember her.

For the rest of you, Happy Easter, for me, Not-So-Happy-Anniversary. She had a good full life and died peacefully so that's all I can hope for anyone.

*I've made a few revisions to the above.


Picky in Sendai said...

You resemble your mother.

Michael Jones said...

Agreed, especially when we're both sporting beards.
My sister and I look like her, my brothers resemble my dad.

the other MJ said...

Check the colour of the brick in the 5th photo - that is the back of your mom's house in Brampton. I should know, I took the picture!

Michael Jones said...

Gee MJ, you're right. I never noticed that. Must be about 20 years ago based on the buggy.


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