How to Pick up Woman the Eigo Noto Way!

Any of you who have ever used Eigo Noto as a textbook will fully understand the humour in the following video. The dialogue is inane, uninformative and puerile. Sure it's intended for kids but the people who wrote it and recorded it have NO idea what kids are like.

Sad to say that this textbook has been replaced with a text that is only slightly better (or worse depending on your point of view.) Hmm. Perhaps I am justified in almost never using the CD and choosing to either write my own material or repeat the dialogue with my voice.
(Thanks to roving reporter, Dan the Man, for pointing this out to me.

It's not just the Elementary and Junior High Schools that are at risk. You'll have to click the unembeddable link but these NOVA ads were great before the school went under due to shady acts by the higher-ups.

Then of course, there is the corporate bunny, the NOVA rabbit to help enlist students:

I only wish I could find a copy of the ad that was playing back when I first got here. Similar to the link above, the poor lass became disheartened because she couldn't get picked up by the Army guys in Roppongi. Believe me, the last thing those guys were looking for was fluency.

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