Swilling beer, Sausages and Snakes.

Pretty damn good weekend. It started off on Friday night with dinner with my paramour, Hisako whereupon I regifted her a birthday present. Since it was a gift that I'd originally given my mother, I thought it was okay to regift.

She also got a few Totoro items and some James Bond Girls nail polish!

I had a wedding on Saturday and afterwards, I attended the Meat Festival or Niku-matsuri which I coined as the Meatsuri. It was actually quite lame, yet I managed to buy a steak and a few plums. I caught the tail end of a Jazz trio and then on came a YoYoer.

Warning: really loud annoying song follows...

This gal giving out Frisks made me a little frisky. And I have NO idea what the other thing is!

I went home and changed and then back downtown for Junefest Oktoberfest which turned out to be one of the best fests in recent history.

With our new-found friends, I tore up the dance floor and did a 10-minute dance of with a hip-hop boy. I was exhausted from my 30-min. routine and was oblivious to my surroundings. Alex came back from peeing in the bushes to see a crowd gathered around and correctly surmised, "Mike is at it again."

After a few hours of Karaoke at Liga (Alex and my duet of Sweet Caroline is always a crowd pleaser), I popped into Ernies for some desperately needed Ginger Ale and made a new friend. (I may have a girlfriend now, but I'm not dead.)

I decided to retire around 3 until I bumped into pal Apple and ended up in a Punk Bar where I made yet another new friend. Not slimy in the least.

A shot of Dracula's Blood vodka, maybe it'll make a good Bloody Mary.

I'll end today with a heads-up to my Father the Father on this Father's Day.

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