Of Stars and Moons.

Last week, one of my roving reporters informed me that the Force has struck again. A coffee drink called Dororich has come out with several different Star Wars-themed designs for their Jelly drink. There are two flavours, regular Creamy Cafe Jelly and Green-Tea Creamy Macha Jelly.

Both of them taste okay but the texture of drinking them is akin to swallowing a cup of snot.

There's an odd campaign on now that features sexy gals shaking the drink. It looks to me like it'll be a successful venture...

On each of the cups, there is a tiny sticker. Beneath that sticker is a bar-code for a campaign where one can win a Darth book or a cool little strap. (Check that link to check them out.)

 I'll let you know if I win anything. I'll need to get someone at work to help me figure it out tomorrow.

Oh yeah and if you hadn't noticed, the Supermoon is in perigee today so it's the closest full moon we'll get until August 2014. I took some crappy photos with my phone before it clouded over.

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