Welcome to Tokyo!

I popped down to Tokyo on Saturday to meet up with my galpal Hisako. We hung around Shinjuku for about 2 hours while waiting to meet up with her daughter and in that time, we caught a few odd sights. Nearby, there is a Robot Restaurant and we saw a huge truck circle around the corner twice but it was out of camera shot. So we patiently awaited it's arrival and sure enough it surfaced again and posed for us.

I pleaded with her to let us go check it out but that'll have to wait for another day. Be sure to click the above link and take a look at its dancers. Now I know why the ladies balked at going.

Still waiting, my phone was dying so I bought a new charger and let the Force charge my iPhone.

Our waiting spot happens to be Lion Square and appropriately, there is a Leo-guardian.

In that same Square, there was an Onigiri shop handing out free samples with an assist by a rice-headed fellow and a rabbit.

Her daughter, Manami, finally did show and we looked around for a suitable restaurant. I wanted to check out this MahJong Parlour but once again I was vetoed by the ladies.

I don't recall the name of the Izakaya that we ended up in but the food was yummy enough. This was a fish jerky type dish and the tempura was something that I labelled "Mystery Veggies". Apart from the obvious there were a few veggies that were completely unidentifiable. The sashimi and salad were average but the asparagus spears were quite nice.

I did learn that my companions do tend to clash a lot but I'm too much of a gentleman to  go into details. Let's just say that this photo is somewhat posed.

Upon entry to the station, we encountered a rather odd sight but apparently Sailor Suit Old Man has gained quite the reputation and following. I can see why.

We went our separate ways and I met a few friends at the Aldgate. One of the better pubs I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, I wisely only had two so I could be in good shape for the following day. A trip to Ghibli! (Details tomorrow!)

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