May the Bottom of the Fourth Be With You!

I caught the Rakuten Eagles game today. Why? Because it was Star Wars Day!!

This is what I took with my iPhone from way behind third base. Darth batting as a few Storm Troopers look on.

Now, here's a close up of what happened to Darth's hit...

The game started off well but alas deteriorated quickly. I had my first Eagles beer of the year, it was foamy, watered down and expensive but delicious. (Not as yummy as the two smuggled beers though!)

KFC had a chicken and beer special. Thanks Colonel!

The fans were fun. I sat amidst a half-dozen fanatics who sang along to every players tune. Lots of fun. Even a puppet and Dragonball got involved.

The interstitials on the big screen between innings were fun. There was the famous John Williams music, a clip from Star Wars and then, "Episode IV. May the Bottom of the 4th be with you." Or, "Bottom of the 6th." Quite amusing.

The famous Balloon Launch. Even though we were losing horribly, people spirits soared with the balloons.

I wanted to meet Darth but I had to suffice with the Eagles Mascot.

I also saw the Mobcast Mascot, though I'd have preferred to have met the Mob-girls!

I was given a clear file and also picked up a Teppei-file.

Finally, I also got a Panson-Pin of Tanaka. Yay!

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