I met up with one of my roving reporters, Dan, the other day and he gave me a few Frankenweenie t-shirts that he had recently bought on sale at Uniqlo. Sizing of clothing is always precarious but fortunately these fit just fine. It's hard to see the design on the first one, seeing that it is convexly out of proportion.

I haven't even worn this one yet and it looks wrinkly.

This is definitely my favourite of the lot. What an iconic image!

All of the Ts have Tim Burton's seal of approval: "Using my original sketches and hand-picked frames from my new stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie, Uniqlo has created an inspired collection.

In return, I gave him some Sonico characters I had kicking around. Though they are of equivalent value, I believe I got the better of the trade.

In other news, Hisako and I popped into Dragon Diner last night and she got a bad case of puppy love.

Thanks for the pizzas, see ya soon.

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