Beyond the Fringe*

*Alternative title: Through the Grapevine**
**Alternate alternative title: Michael dances silly.

Long long ago in a galaxy not so very far from our own, there was a bar called the Fringe. It is the sort of place where legends were made and it petered out into the vestiges of history. From the ashes of that phoenix another bar rose and more legends were created. Alas that establishment, the Grapevine, also went by the wayside though the bonds that were tethered back then have remained strong ever since. All of this took place before I arrived to Sendai although I had heard many of the whispered tales of glee and revelry. Last night, one of the forebears of that era returned and a reunion of several of his troupe took place.

On Friday, Alex and I met up with the head honcho, Stefan, and his son, Kai, for dinner and a few drinks.

Last night was the Event. I met several acquaintances from days gone by but mostly hung out with Alex and his kids.

The following photos are of people whose names I know but will not disclose in order to protect the innocent. You'll also see DJs and dancers and an assortment of others whose names I don't recall.

I placed my phone upon a nearby speaker and taped the following.

What follows is not for the faint of heart. Those of you with weak tickers (or weak stomachs) may want to click away and not view any of the horror that is to follow. Yes, yours truly, your humble narrator has been photographed cutting a rug, tripping the light fantastic and dancing up a storm.
This is your last chance to turn away...

The party continued until around 5 am. and I stuck it through until then, though most of the time was spent off the dance floor under an air conditioner to waft away the smoky environs.

See ya all at the next reunion!

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