C eh N eh D eh!

That's how Canadians spell Canada. As most of you know, today is Canada Day, 166  146 years of the True North Strong and Free. To celebrate, I put on my only actual piece of Canadian paraphernalia, a cheap cheesy tie.

To celebrate, I broke out some Poutine mix but since I had no cheese, I had to chop up a piece of sliced cheese over the fries and then nuke it. Still it turned out all right.

Now I'm stuck with extra gravy for the rest of the week. I'll try it out on various other dishes such as rice, just for a lark.

I thought I'd showcase some of the attitudes towards Canada that our neighbours hold.

Here Bill Maher and my brother from another mother, Martin Short, discuss Canada's Conservatism.

David Letterman's plan to take over Paul Shaffer's homeland.

Jim Carrey who is hit or miss with his movies is always pretty amusing with his stand-up.

A commercial break...

Kevin Smith proclaims the deification of Canada!

I've always liked Russell Peters (Who? If you're Canadian, you may know him. Otherwise, you're out of luck.)

Thank goodness someone (Rick Mercer) can explain what Canada means.

Finally, William Shatner puts his special spin on "Oh Canada."
Oh Khaaaaaaaaaaaaanada!


Perogyo said...

Happy birthday Canada!

I like poutine brushed on onigiri and broiled like yakionnigiri.

Michael Jones said...

That sounds yummy. I have lots leftover with which to experiment.

Anonymous said...

2013-1867= 146

Michael Jones said...

Oops! I'm a dummy. For some reason I thought that we'd already had our sesquicentennial so I thought 166 was the number.
Revision made!
(Next time, do the math!)


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