Rambo vs. Frankenweenie.

I viewed Monsters University today but unfortunately I had schedules and timing mixed up and ended up watching it dubbed into Japanese. Once I see it in English, I will talk about what an awesome day I had today. (Word to the wise. Don't bother wasting the extra money on 3D, not worth it in any language.)

In the interim, here are some of the Capsules I've acquired of late. An irritating trend of late is that the price of these has jumped from 200 to 300 yen. This makes it far more expensive to complete a set especially when the collation isn't pristine.

For example, this extremely cool rendition of Rambo is incredible. But I think I'll just suffice myself with this rendition from First Blood Part II.

One set that I simply MUST have is series two of Frankenweenie focussing on the classmates of young Victor.

As an example of poor collation, I have 5 of the above crazy cat-gal, Fushigi-chan (in the English credits, she's only referred to as "Weird Girl" and her feline, Ohige-kun (Mr. Whiskers.)

I have two each of the following of Bikutaa (Victor) with Supaaki (Sparky) and Nasoru (Nassor) with his Hamustaa Maami (Hamster-mummy).

I got one of Edogaa and his Waa-ratto (Edgar E. Gore and Were-rat.)

Unfortunately I have been unable to obtain Erusa Van Herushingu (Elsa Van Helsing) and her poodle, Perusepone (Persephone.) If anyone out there ever sees one, please snap it up for me. I have no desire to get yet another Weird Girl.

Finally today, I decided to get one MU mascot and I nabbed a Mike Wazowski. Woohoo!

EnCapsulating, aren't they?

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Hysteria said...

Omg I'm looking for Weird girl and Mr whiskers everywhere and you got 5 of them!! Would you sell one to me? You can contact me on k.i.t.t.y@live.nl Kind regards, Evelyn from the Netherlands


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