Could It Be...Seita?

Last Sunday was a pretty fun day (sorry it's taken so long to write about it.) First up was a BBQ at the Hutton's for their newly three year-old son, Seita. The party was small but it was quality not quantity that made the gig.  It was almost cut short when the birthday boy suffered a bump on his noggin during a squirt gun fight but he was soon back in good spirits.

Here are the goodies that I got for him. The Sully is a top prize from a Sunkus contest and the HUGE Mike Wazowski was won after several tries at UFO Catcher.  (Not shown are the Spiderman 3 web-shooters that I forgot to take a picture of.)

Here's his poppa, and sister looking looking like a flapper straight out of Gatsby.

And of course, the cake. Which unfortunately I didn't get to sample because I had to go meet a friend to celebrate Umi no Hi or Marine Day.

Hmm. Why wasn't that scene with the Disco Mike-ball in the final cut of the movie?

I met Hisako and we drove to Shiogama for their annual fireworks and parade. Parking was a nightmare of course so we parked at an Eikaiwa school that was closed for the day (I'm justified, I'm a former teacher, she's a current student.)

After a 20-minute walk, we partook of the festivities already in progress. I tried this carve a rabbit out of a piece of gum game and lost quickly, Hisako fared better but also putzed out.

I not so coincidentally bumped into fellow Interac-ers, Jackie and Dan.

 (Now try to say that without getting this song in your head.)

Dan graciously put his huge camera to good use and took our picture.

I played a game of darts/ roulette and fared worse than the 6-year old who could barely throw the darned things.

But I did win this whatevertheheckitis.

While Jackie and Dan and several thousand others weathered the inclement weather, we hightailed it to a friend's 8th floor condo balcony and watched the fireworks in style! I must say that my camera did a pretty poor job of capturing the moment, but a few good ones squeaked through.

Here's a quick video with some amusing background rhubarbing.

This is a sequence of explosions done within milliseconds of each other.

Everyone's all time favourite was the Happy Face Firework (can that be used in the singular?) They shot off a few faces throughout the night and I managed to catch the tail-end of one.

Happy Birthday, Seita and Happy Sea Day, Japan!

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