Transformers Primetime.

Transformers Prime is rather odd. Transformers was a toy line that begat an anime that begat a cartoon (several series, actually) that begat an Animated Movie that begat a Movie series that begat yet another cartoon and has now been dubbed into Japanese. It's the Circle of Life!

For more info, check out Transformers experts at Branded in the 80s and listen to a podcast of Transformers the Movie!

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In Japan, the rights for the Transformers franchise are primarily held by Tomy, which operate themselves as Takara Tomy in Japan after merging with Takara (the creator of the toy line which precedes Transformers). The Japanese version of Transformers: Prime  is titled 超ロボット生命体 トランスフォーマー プライム.

Ending this week is a set of Happi Setto Transformers Prime, including:

 Bumblebee with the awesome awful ability of punching up with his right hand when you push down on his wings!

Megatron who can send a purple plastic spear about a metre.

Bulkhead who can send a blue plastic spear just over a metre.

 And of course Optimus Prime who has the incredible incredibly lame power of raising his sword arm up and down when you twist the other arm!

Pretty cool, eh?

As for the theme songs, here's the poop. From episodes 1 to 13, the opening theme to the series is the Japanese version of "Feeling" sung by South Korean band Big Bang.

and the closing theme is "I Believe in All" sung by Clutcho.

From episode 14 to 26, the opening theme is "Transformerz" sung by M-Flo,

and the closing theme is "A Little Bit" sung by Clutcho.

From episode 27, the opening theme is a remix of "Transformerz" with new lyrics, and the closing theme is "Discord" sung by Tokyo Girls' Style.

I doubt whether I'll be listening to these tunes again, though the last one wasn't too bad.

Though these toons are on weekly, I don't really pay attention to them when they're on. Check one out and see for yourself:

I hope the next Happi Setto is Monster's University which I'll be viewing on Saturday!!

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