Animated Pizza.

Just a quick post before I go to bed. (Gotta get plenty of rest for Star Trek tomorrow!!) When Dan the Man and I were in Tokyo a while back, we had dinner at a pizza joint near our accommodations. The pizza was delish  the cheese and/or anchovy spuds were interchangeable (which was a slight problem as Dan the Man is a vegetarian...oops.)

But it wasn't the food that made the joint special. It neighboured I.G. Productions and the artists often frequented there. There was even a mini-studio behind glass where you could see the masters at work.

This is what greets you at the door of their office but unfortunately it was closed. A tour would have been cool.

Here are some of the posters embellishing the walls en route to the loo.

And how about this little guy cowering in the corner? It looks as though it's about to be put out with the trash. If that's the case, I'll take it!

But the coolest of all are the graffiti-infested walls showing signatures from many of the Anime artists in the biz.

Finally on the front wall, there is a giant mural. Very lavish.

If I can recall the name of the restaurant, I'll let you know.

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