Back to School.

After a long few weeks of staying up late and sleeping in, that luxury has stopped. I tried to fall asleep at 12:00am but a few more restless hours and the Sandman finally came around 3:30. Fortunately I managed to awaken to my alarm and was bright eyed and bushy tailed for my school today.

Grade 5 got some review (they'd remembered most of the pre-summer's lessons which is good news), a game where they were blindfolded and drew shapes on the blackboard and a "What did you do for the Summer Vacation print.) They didn't have much time to finish their pictures, but here's a pick of the best.

Fireworks, festivals and fright.

Grade six also got review (once again, rather proud of their recollection abilities) and a "Simon Says" type game to teach imperatives. They had a little more time to finish their sheets, so there's a bit more detail. More fireworks, a few water-parks, lots of swimming, kakigori (shaved ice) and bugs.

These three are my favourites. Jellyfish, some sweaty girl and the last one of 3 girls riding a cat has something to do with a near-death experience!

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