The Key To The Fortress.

The wait is finally over. マン・オブ・スティール (Man of Steel) has finally come to Japan. It has been extremely difficult avoiding spoilers though some have been unavoidable. (There's going to be a sequel! With Ben Affleck as Batman!) Ah well, I am going into the flick with low expectations so we shall see.

There has been surprisingly little merchandise in the conbinis...as in NONE! For breakfast today, I ate some コーンフロスてイ (Corn Frosty, the Japanese equivalent of Frosted Flakes) because it had a Superman box plus you get some kind of a flying Superman doodad inside. You blow into it with a straw and a wheel spins around, not very Super!

We shall see what goodies await me at the cinema! I have waited months to add this mini-Supes to my key-chain. Let's hope he is a welcome addition!

Speaking of key-chains, I have upgraded mine to become a member of Starfleet! Beam me aboard.

When I bought the above, I also included a mini-Enterprise to plug into my iPhone headphone slot.

Okay Clark, it's time to go. I hope you'll enjoy your space next to Cupie-Spock and Darth Maul!

Wow, Cupie-Spock doesn't look very healthy at all, does he?

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