Tricks Are For Kids (of all ages.)

Buddy Dan and I drove down to Tokyo on Wednesday and I spent 3 nights at my galpal's sister's condo's guest house. Rather posh digs at a fraction of the price of a hotel. Yay!

On Thursday, I met up with Hisako, her sister Michie and nephew Hikaru and we popped on the Chuo line  to visit the Trick Art Museum at the foot of Mt. Takao. The building itself has been decked out with various illusory paintings.

Hidden behind walls, through trick doors and on mystically painted floors are several incredibly well-drawn illusions.

The waterless aquarium has several interesting sites and hazards.

If you're lucky, you can order a Head in a Box. (The Dick in a Box was not available. It is a family-oriented museum.)

There were several animals, some safer than others.

I released my inner feminine side:

I rather liked the Kaleidoscope feature. Trippy!

Very few people visited the lower basement, so we got to commune with nature in private.

Finally my two favourite pics:

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