A few days ago, I finally had a chance to visit Sendai's Anpanman Museum.

Last year I made it to the bakery but this time I was given the grand tour, accompanied by my galpal Hisako with her sister and nephew in tow. It can't really be called a museum per se, more like a huge interactive play centre with several places to buy Anpanman goodies and treats. Regardless, it is a good environment for a rambunctious 4-year old, the kid was running around nonstop for 4 hours!

I hadn't yet eaten breakfast so I grabbed a Horrorman head from the bakery to tide me over.

We wondered from site to site (more like chasing wee Hikaru who couldn't stay still) and I snapped a few random shots that amused me.

It took about 30 minutes to upload that video so I won't be doing that again!

I went to the Little Boy's Room not realizing that it really was for Little Boys only. I managed to use the urinal but it sure is a good thing I didn't have to go #2. (And, no, that is not Powdered Toast Man, it is しょくぱんまん Shokupanman.)

We had a quick lunch to re-energize Hikaru. (Word of advice: stick to their baked goods, the cuisine is below average.)

More wandering around, most notably to a simple game centre (expensive but you get a cool cape) and a gift shop with a play centre in the centre.

We managed to catch the main show and this hyper-gal with a squeaky voice introduced Anpanman and Shokupanman. It was actually rather fun!

All this time, I thought this guy was "Viking-Man" even though he looks nothing like a Viking. He is the head villain who rots Anpanman named  ばいきんまん Baikinman. He's a villain from the "Germ Planet" and is the leader of the Viruses. His Japanese name means "Bacteria Man". That's actually much cooler than a Viking!

I was glad to make his acquaintance!

Here are some more of the villains, notably his henchmen, かびるんるん Kabirunrun which are nothing more than mold/mildew and my favourite, ホラーマン Horrorman, a meek skeleton who throws his bones and falls apart a lot.

Pretty funky dance for a guy made of bones:

 I have no idea who this guy is, some Frankenstein hybrid I guess. Pretty cool looking!

I doubt if I'll ever go back there unless another kid drags me along. (Not Hikaru though, that kid is exhausting!) So I picked up a clear file as a memento. It was the only piece of merchandising that had Horrorman, so I had to get one.

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