蔵王はいい   (Zao wa ii = Zowie.) Mount Zao lies on the border between Prefectures Miyagi and Yamagata and I feel that Miyagi has the better view thanks to the Gay Lake, 御釜 (Okama. Okama is also slang for gay or transvestite, not that there's anything wrong with that.)

The Crater Lake Okama is quite striking with its teal shade. Throughout the afternoon depending on the position of the sun and haze, the lake began to change colours and is also known as 五色沼 (Goshiki-numa or 5-coloured pond.)

Here are some shots of Okama, can you discern a variation in colour? I can in later pictures.

Using the Panorama function of my iPhone, I managed to get some nice shots:

A few non-Gay Lake scenic shots.

I made this little pile of rocks but at the top of the mountain near the Shrine, there were hundreds of them!

Some of the flora and fauna throughout the climb.

These last few are of the Yamagata side from the beginning and end of the day.

While in the little town, we got some free samples and picked up some cheese for ourselves. Apart from dairy products, there is also a Kokeshi museum and a nearby Fox Village, neither of which we attended today. Maybe next time.

On the ride back, I developed a severe stomachache which has dissipated somewhat but hasn't gone away.
According to my recently-acquired AKB48-thermometer, my temperature is 36.7. Now I don't know if that's caused by a fever, the humidity or the gal on the thermometer!

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