Cash Of The Titans.

Ever since I first discovered the "Attack of the Titans" fleshless skull-head (Halloween mask, thank you very much), I have been intrigued with it. I've never read a book (though I got a copy of the manga for my phone on a free download) nor seen an anime episode (soon to be rectified) but it still strikes my fancy. In the past, I bought a bunch of stuff from Lawsons but haven't seen much in the stores of late.
Except for the following...

The other day, I noticed that 7-11 has coffees with little key-chain/ iPhone straps featuring the characters.

To me, they all look fairly identical, some with blond(e) hair, some with brown or black, all with big creepy eyes. Therefore to avert buying duplicates, I bought 10 coffees. They come in handy as gifts for deliverymen.

Other combini crap includes 2/3 glasses and 1/7 badges. I couldn't find the other glass and didn't really want to pursue the badges which came with a piece of gum.

In the Gatcha-Capsules, there are few items yet I got Mikasa Ackerman. I didn't want to shell 200¥ out for more but I found the cool creepy one for 100 yen.

Again at 200¥ a pop, I didn't get any more than 1/10 but this little metallic book marks are kind of cute.

When I went Lucky Bag shopping on the 2nd, I bought a nice pillow for 700¥and managed to find a few other items as well.

A set of Titan Post-its and a couple of mini clear files and a larger clear file that appear to have been part of a Contest. Darn it all, I missed out on that one and only got the dregs.

Then in the Game Centre, I managed to UFO Catch the last two mini-pillows and a pair of stuffed figures.

Finally, if I do say so myself, I have a nice bust!

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