I'm Pezzed Off!

While tidying last weekend, I discovered that part of a wooden flat within my closet had almost completely rotted away, taking two paper-bags stuffed full of toys with it.

Fortunately, the toys have been salvaged for the most part but one of the bags was full of PEZ. This is when I discovered something that I should have known better. Even though the Pezzes were wrapped in plastic, little bacteria managed to chew away at the candies and turned them to goo. I washed them all and they turned out all right but no more "mint in package" Pezzes for me.In the future, I'll just toss the candy and if I ever use the Pez as an actual dispenser, I'll buy some fresh ones. I have a few more in various different bags and I'll have to make sure that they haven't been affected.

Here is a sextet of Star Wars and a trio of Super-heroes. I know I have some more heroes around somewhere, such as Thor and Hulk. Also a pair of Simpsons, Taz and Gonzo (I'm surprised I don't have more of these Muppet or Warners' characters!)

This is an example of a completely destroyed Pez package. I have no idea who gave it to me because I am certain I didn't buy it myself.

It included this lame Valentine Pez. But I paired it up with this awesome mini-Pez of an Alien Baltran. I don't know why I didn't pick up an entire set of these Ultraman villains, but I don't ever recall seeing them for sale, I must have found this one at a flea market.

As a belated birthday present, my pal Takayo gave me a huge bag stuffed to the hilt of toys. Apart from a few, I'll redistribute the wealth Robin Hood style but I plan to keep the Pez.

Some Chicken Little, Pooh, Disney and Simba Lion King. Not a bad haul.

Once I track down my other Pez, I'll be sure to showcase them. Anyone have any ideas as to how to display these? Maybe within a spice rack?


Pip said...

Have you got any original pez's from the sixties or seventies? We used to get them at Bitners, near the tennis club in Brampton.

Michael Jones said...

I HAD original pezzes (possibly from Bitners) but I don't any longer. I wish I did, they are actually worth some bucks.
Do you have any?


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